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Cowgirl Tuff is now Carrying Saddles!

Cowgirl Tuff Saddles Ok, I’m not going to lie… we were pretty stoked when we found out that one of our favorite jean companies, Cowgirl Tuff is now carrying saddles.  We love their jeans.  Not only are they attractive, but comfortable and wear well.  Cowgirl Tuff describes the saddles as, “The ALL NEW TUFF FLEX SADDLES! Flexing over the shoulders to give your horse the movement they need while competingRead More

It’s Mucking Boot Season…

Are all Mucking Boots the Same? Whether we like it or not, mucking boot season is upon us and are all mucking boots the same?  Yes, those rubber boots that save us all from a world of mud, muck and mess!  Or for some of you, they may be known as “Barnyard Boot,” or “Chore Boots,” and many wear them more than just spring, fall and winter.  But are allRead More

We’re featuring Heartland

Our NFR Issue will be featuring the popular T.V. Series, “Heartland” We will be featuring one of the longest running television series, “Heartland” in our NFR issue of Cowgirls In Style Magazine.  The beloved series is now in season 11 in Canada where it is filmed and produced.  Gordon Imlach, series publicist tells CIS Magazine that they are in full swing of filming season 11.  It debuted in Canada on SeptemberRead More

Outback Trading Co. brings the Fashion and Passion of “The Man from Snowy River”

Outback Trading Co. Brings the Fashion and Passion of the movie, “The Man from Snowy River” When the legendary movie, “The Man from Snowy River” came out back in the 80’s, it was, and still is a stunning, romantic story of a young Australian horseman from the outback, who falls for the daughter of a gruff, obnoxious farm owner. A classic movie that has become a much revered loved story.Read More

Bonding with your Horse

Five Quick Tips to Bond with your Horse Some days you find yourself on a tight schedule and not a lot of time to work with your horse. On those days that you cannot squeeze in a ride with your favorite 4 legged friend, here are some quick tips to keep them in contact with you.   1 Lunging. It only takes 5 minutes to get your horse loosened upRead More