Ranch Life Wild Rags


Ranch Life Wild Rags is a modern look on an old tradition located in western Canada. Find their booth at the NFR at the Roper Cowboy Marketplace at Mandalay Bay, Booth #555

Ranch Life Wild Rags is a family run ranch, including purebred Horned Hereford cattle located in central Saskatchewan, Canada. They still do all the cattle stuff with their horses and the whole family gets involved!

Ranch-Life Wild Rags was started as a side project four years ago when Dalynn Ramsay was looking for a new and unique, silk wild rag and couldn’t find any she liked. She has a couple friends who are amazing western photographers and she asked them if she could borrow some for an idea – they thought she was crazy and said, “absolutely”. She spent two years trying out different silks, silk blends, heavy, light, wool silk, etc. etc. Between her husband, her in-laws, their 4 kids and herself, they finally found the silk that checked all the boxes for a working ranch. They’ve been open for retail business for two years and have worked hard to build a credible and reliable brand. “We have been able to provide wholesale to our favorite western stores, including Lammle’s Western Wear – Canada’s largest line of western clothing stores and have been a sponsor for the Canadian Finals Rodeo contestants by providing them a one of a kind wild rag when they receive their back tag the last two years.

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