Dusti Rhoads Nail Strips

September 7, 2022 . by Cowgirls In Style

We came upon the Dusti Rhoads Nail Strips a few months ago and couldn’t help but notice that all of the styles are exclusively for the Cowgirl. There are so many styles that it is hard for us to to pick just one! Check out the many styles of nail strips that are available.  These…


Is there Help for a Rider’s Sun Damaged Skin?

October 19, 2017 . by Cowgirls In Style

Is there Help for a Rider’s Sun Damaged Skin? Many of us who are now reaching the age of late thirties, forties, fifties and above are finding that our years of riding have taken a toll on our skin.  Looking in the mirror can sometimes be an eye opening experience.  But is there hope of…


Makeup Tips

September 27, 2017 . by Cowgirls In Style

Makeup Tips Here are some basic tips and tricks for everyday makeup – whether you are heading out to work or to a special event – paying attention to some of these small details can make a big difference. Concealer – the makeup step that can transform the eye area into looking like you got…