Actress Jessica Steen Talks Heartland Cast Relationships

HEARTLAND S16 BLOCK 8Photo: Courtesy of Heartland

We recently gave an interview to actress Jessica Steen, who plays ‘Lisa’ in the popular series, Heartland and these are some of the highlights of that interview.

When asked what has been her favorite part of co-starring in the popular series, the actress responded, “Favourite is hard to say, but the top 3 things I fully appreciate are: the people I work with, the city of Calgary & the beauty of Alberta & the family based material.”

Photo: Courtesy of Heartland

If you are wondering if the Heartland cast are as close outside of the series as they are on the series, Jessica says, “You are right – we are! Since the very beginning the cast & crew have play dated after school often and met up in different cities and hosted each other and always kept in touch between seasons.”

Photo: Courtesy of Heartland

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