We Interview Jessica Steen Who Plays Lisa on Heartland


Jessica Steen is widely recognized for her celebrated portrayal of Lisa, the beloved matriarch of the family in Heartland. she boasts an extensive filmography that transcends beyond this role. As Jack Bartlett’s (played by Shaun Johnston) loving wife on screen, Lisa has emerged as a fan-favorite character among viewers who relish this heartwarming drama.

Picture Courtesy of Heartland

Cowgirls In Style Magazine: We have loved watching you in your roles in both film and television over the years. Heartland is one of our very favorite television series and we love your role as ‘Lisa.’ What are some of the ways you relate to her character in your own life?

Jessica Steen: Thanks so much for watching & supporting us! We are still “Heartlanding” because of you!
Lisa has elements/characteristics of beloved family members & family friends of mine with whom I relate closely, but her life choices & circumstances have at times been very close to mine also. Choosing to not have children & being away for work a lot, being a Godparent, etc. Art has imitated life many times for a lot of the cast!

Picture Courtesy of Heartland

CIS: Have you been around horses before the series? If you could tell us a little background of that or if this is your first experience working with horses?

J.S.: My Dad had a farm when I was a kid…we had horses & I had ridden before Heartland came along a number of times over the years. That said, I wonder what comes first; horse riding in the writing being the impetus for riding lessons, or riding lessons inspiring more horse time in the writing for Lisa.
I’m thinking next year I’ll pay for some lessons and hope they pay off on the page.

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