Planning Summer Trail Riding Campouts


A Summer Trip with your Horse!

With the weather getting warmer, we can’t wait to start those summer campfires and look out at the stars on a cool summer night.  But what if you want to take your horse and check out new trail riding spaces?  Where are the best places to stay that can accommodate yourself and your horse? We have found a great site to help you plan out your trip and the what type of horse accommodations they have.

Horse Trail Directory includes a link to many states and includes how many miles the trail ride is near the campground, the rating of the ride and campground based on a 5 star system, the number of campsites the campground has and if it has horse facilities. It also tells you what it is near.  They also have a directory for outside of the U.S.

So, start planning your summer adventure now and include your horse!  It’s the perfect time to get your summer plans scheduled!

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