A Farewell To Miss Rodeo America 2023, Kennadee Riggs In Our December Issue


In Our December Issue we bid farewell to Miss Rodeo America 2023, Kennadee Riggs.  Her reign has been positively felt not only nationwide but around the world as well.

With her “Kicking Up Kindness” platform, she has made an impact on not only the western industry but the main stream population.  We will miss her, but wish her all of the best in her exciting future.

Kennadee Riggs helping a little buckaroo.

We loved a quote she gave us at the end off her interview and we wanted to share it with you.

“While the world preaches a culture of putting ourselves first, it is important to spread the message that selfless service and prioritizing our faith are what actually create the truest form of joy and success. The Lord can make much more of us than we can make of ourselves.”  -Kennadee Riggs Miss Rodeo America 2023

You can read more about Kennadee in our December 2023 print and digital issue available November 27th!

Photos: Art of Aperture