A Royal Farewell To Kennadee Riggs, 2023 Miss Rodeo America


We feature Miss Rodeo America 2023, Kennadee Riggs in our NFR issue as we bid farewell to her and her extraordinary reign this past year.

Cowgirls In Style: The year has flown by since January when we first interviewed you as the newly crowned Miss Rodeo America 2023. What are your feelings right now as you look back on the year?

Kennadee Riggs: I am floored by how quickly the time has flown by! The greatest sense of emotion I feel as I reflect on my year is gratitude. This entire experience has been a gift from God, I truly believe that. It is bittersweet to watch special chapters of life like this near their closing… but exciting all at the same time because I now have the chance to take these connections and lessons into the next chapter of life too. The Lord has used this experience to teach and show me things that I now can’t even imagine life without.

CIS: I know it might be hard to choose, but can you pick two experiences as Miss Rodeo America over the past year that have been your favorite and why?

KR: I could never choose a true favorite experience from my reign. Although, one in particular that I wish I could relive over and over again is my trip to Barretos, Brazil! I took my mom, dad, and little sister with me to one of the largest rodeos in the world. Brazil has always played a special part in my family relationships, especially since living there as a missionary. Being a part of that rodeo with my family, reflecting on my faith, and celebrating Brazil while representing America… it was just the perfect compilation of all of the closest things to my heart. Another special experience this year was being at the Reno Rodeo where some of my generational rodeo roots began. Family from all over came into town to celebrate our heritage with me and I wore the same shirt that my great grandmother wore when she was their rodeo queen in 1950. This year has constantly tugged at my heart strings!

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