Actor Rip Wheeler’s Wife Comments On His Famous Yellowstone Role

February 2, 2022 . by Cowgirls In Style

One of Yellowstone’s leading men, Rip Wheeler played by Cole Hauser, is known for his tough and merciless wrangler ways.  But he is one of the favorites with the lady viewers.  Each episode draws in millions of viewers, and that makes the attention Cole gets even more enhanced. What does Cole’s wife think about it?…


Yellowstone Fans – They Seem To Be Prepping For A Season 5

October 19, 2021 . by Cowgirls In Style

Even though season four hasn’t begun, there are already plans in the making for a season five and fans are ecstatic! Cole Hauser, who plays Rip on the series talks about a pending season five and what we might expect. In an interview with Kathryn Walt Hall of HALL Wines, she asks Hauser about getting…