Water Trough Sinks In Your Home

June 26, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

Water Trough Sinks Have Become the Rage the Past Few Years Just a few years ago, you would not expect to find an animal trough in your home, but with a bit of imagination and improvement, these once thought of as eye sores, have become a quaint focus that will suit any country decor. With…


Need a Summer Treat? Popcorn For Every Occasion…

June 20, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

Perfect Pops for Every Occasion No matter what kind of events you have on your social calendar, you can pop up delicious treats that are sure to be a hit. Whether hosting a get-together for the guys and tuning into the game or having a night in with the girls, freshly popped popcorn, which is…


Clothing Tips for Summer Riding

May 26, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

Some Comfortable and Cool Clothing Ideas for your Summer Riding! Summer is right around the corner and the sun is heating up! So what type of clothing should you be thinking about for your horseback riding this summer?  Well you want it to cover you to keep branches, bugs, the sun and other various bothersome…


Summer with the Duke!

May 14, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

Mark Your Calendars! Summer Brings John Wayne on the Inspiration Channel! Legendary screen star John Wayne, better known as “The Duke,” is considered to be one of the greatest movie stars of all time, and quite literally, an American icon. He has had a career that has spanned more than forty years, and he has…


Carrie Underwood’s Beautiful CMA Performance And More On Her Scary Injury

April 18, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

Everything You Need to Know About Carrie Underwood’s Scary Injury She made an emotional comeback at the Academy of Country Music Awards. GETTY IMAGES Carrie Underwood injured her wrist and face when she fell this fall. After 40+ stitches in her face, the singer told fans she “might look a bit different.” Now “90%” healed,…


How About a Prosecco Van for your Wedding or Party?

April 17, 2018 . by Cowgirls In Style

When it comes to outdoor parties, one UK-based company definitely knows how to beat hot summer days by serving bubbly in the coolest way possible. London-based company Bubble Bros. has converted a tiny Piaggio Ape into a sparkling wine bar on wheels, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. Since 2015, the bar staff has been rolling up to weddings, private…