Fantazia Western Prints are our New Favorite!


Fantazia Apparel Has A Design For Everyone!

We happened upon this cool website, Fantazia Apparel.  The great thing about it is you can buy wholesale or retail.  They have a western print section where you can pick the style of clothing and then pick the print you would like to use.   The end result is beautiful!  We featured this company in our latest issue of Cowgirls In Style Magazine.  We wanted you all to know about them.  You will love their designs.  We have included how you select your design below:

Step 1:Choose Your Garment Style


Step 2: Select Your Size:  They offer a perfect women clothing for any body size form S -XXL.
Step 3: Choose Your Print (Over 70 to choose from on their website)

Select the print to choose on your garment, creating the perfect design you want. Select form the collection of more than 70 print styles.





Final Product:





Check out the Fantazia video below:


Click here to go to their website!