Cowgirls of Instagram – Taylor Karl


Meet Taylor Karl from our “Cowgirls of Instagram” feature in our current issue of Cowgirls In Style magazine, AKA @taymkarl on Instagram.

We have featured four women who are a voice of the cowgirl on Instagram in our current issue of Cowgirls In Style.  Today, we are featuring Taylor Karl.  Taylor is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She started her Instagram account about 3 years ago and her account has grown to almost 20,000 followers.

Taylor married her high school sweetheart 4 years ago and is the mother to two children, Wyatt and Stetson.  They have 33 horses, a dog named Bandit and 2 barn cats, Frankie and Freddie.  Taylor is a Instagram influencer and uses her Instagram account as a side hobby.

Read more about Taylor in our current issue of Cowgirls In Style magazine!  Also find her on Instagram!

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