“Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright,” the Latest Single from Johnny Lee

johnny lee

Country Music legend Johnny Lee, released his first single, “Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright” from his upcoming album.

Known for his No. 1  smash hit, “Lookin’ For Love,” Johnny’s latest album consists of fourteen songs, some written or co-writtten by Johnny that he has saved throughout his life.

“The last few years have had some major ups and downs in not only my life but in the whole world,” says Johnny Lee. “Music brings us together and gives us peace of mind like nothing else. Throughout my entire career, I have worked hard to record the best music possible and while creating this album, that was the entire goal. This is a hard world we are living in, but I want everyone to know that Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright. I believe it so much so, it is the title track and first single on my new album. This is my legacy and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Enjoy the single below…


For more information, visit thejohnnyleemusic.com.