Buying a Good Hat


So Many Choices,  But Which One To Choose?

The first American cowboy hat was nicknamed the “Boss of the Plains,” and was manufactured in 1865 by John B. Stetson.  Hats have come a long ways since that first hat.  So many styles, colors and are made with fur, felt, straw, leather and more.  So which hat to choose?  Well, that is a personal choice, but there are  pros and cons with different hats.  For example, if you are looking for a sturdy hat that will weather the rain and other conditions, you might want to select a straw hat that will dry and not damage from the water.  The felt hat is a great insulator. It keeps the air inside at a constant temperature around your head. It also prevents your hair being damaged by heat.

Here are some hat styles that we have fell in love with…

Bullhide Women’s Shella Wool Hat –


MARY Straw Hat –


Victoria Fur Felt Hat –


Calamity hand cut crystal brim –

Leumaria Hat Wool Felt w/leather trim –

Bullhide Women’s printed straw –

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